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In the meantime we can accommodate your requirements for real estate and energy-related finance during and after this period. ICS Financial Corporation is a full-service, diversified, experienced real estate and energy financial services provider offering a wide range of financial solutions.

Contact us now for help with any of the following:

Real Estate Finance   •   Construction Finance   •   Healthcare Finance   •   Student Housing Finance   •   Engineering Project Finance   •   Alternative Energy Finance   •   Government Contract Finance   •   Infrastructure Finance   •   Power   •   Commercial Second Mortgages   •   Build-to-Suit   •   Sale & Leaseback Finance   •   Equipment Finance   •   Church Finance   •   Hard Money Finance   •   Stadium Finance   •   Funeral Home Finance   •   Mining and Specialty Finance   •   Construction, Property and Casualty Insurances


Minimum: $1 Million.    No Practical Maximum

Projects must have merit and integrity

We follow an “open door” policy. Ask us about your financial requirements.




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