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ISC Financial Corporation is a full-service, diversified, reliable, experienced source of capital for commercial real estate finance and renewable energy finance projects nationwide and in Europe.  We follow an “open-door” policy.  ISC is also a registered independent agency for risk management and property and casualty insurance.  We finance and protect your business assets with affordable housing finance. We can save you money.

The greater the distance from our home office to the project location, however, the larger the finance amount should be. While our minimum loan amount is $500,000 no project is too large or risk too complex so long as it has integrity, merit and strong sponsorship. ISC is a Certified Minority-owned Small Business.  It is also Veteran-owned.  ISC is an experienced government contractor and once represented several Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to the government. We solicit opportunities to partner with our clients, existing and new, in pursuit of government contracts finance and insurance.

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Capabilities & Competencies

Real Estate and Construction Finance
Housing Finance
Government Contract Finance
Risk Management And All Forms Of Insurance
Energy and Renewable Energy Finance
Specialty Finance
Project Development
Difficult Financings
Utility Experience as Project Manager for Privatization of Electric, Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater Utility Systems on Large Military Installations

DUNS Number: 828026919

NAICS codes, Primary: 236220; 522310; 523110 and 531390

Other NAICS codes: 522220; 522298; 523990; 523999; 524210; 525990; 221110; 213110; 236116; 236210; and 238290

Commercial Real Estate Finance

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Our first project was to finance a nursing home which comes under Hospital and Medical Facility Finance. Today we offer a comprehensive range of commercial financial services to meet every need of property owners and developers in every industry. Our resources include access to institutional, conventional, specialty, private and non-bank sources of capital – debt and equity. We provide financing for acquisition and development, construction, owners and developers, bridge and project finance. Finance is available for most real estate categories and more are indicated following this paragraph. See boxes below; if you do not see what you are looking for, contact us in any event.

Hard Money
SBA, HUD and Agency Finance
Student Housing
Sports and Entertainment
Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Build for Rent Communities
Sale and Leaseback
Senior Housing
Mixed Use
Affordable Housing
RV Parks
Manufactured Housing
Trailer Parks
Gas Stations
Special Purpose Buildings and more

Our unique approach to real estate finance and all types of finance is based upon broad experience and industry relationships. Please describe your commercial real estate needs by using the form or contact information below.

Conversion of Non-Recyclable Waste-to-Energy and Fuel In The Circular Economy

Circular Economy
Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Finance

The U.S. renewable energy market is surging, largely in response to the powerful combination of high energy prices that make traditional energy less attractive and government programs that support development of the renewable energy market. For example, more than half the states in the U.S. have some form of a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires electricity suppliers to produce a growing share of their electricity from renewable energy sources.
At the national level, federal production tax credits account for much of the acceleration in renewable energy development. Also, the U.S. Congress is considering several legislative proposals that would establish new mandatory regulatory requirements and reduction targets for greenhouse gases, including several greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-trade bills. If passed into law, these measures will intensify development of alternative energy.

Do you have a renewable energy project requiring development, bridge, renewable energy finance? If so, we may be able to help. We can

save you time and money. Through institutional and other relationships…. We have extensive experience with the following:

Solar Energy Biomass
Battery Storage Carbon Sequestration
Waste-to-Electricity Wind
Plastics Waste-to-Fuels Landfill Gas Conversion
Utility And Engineering Services Finance Infrastructure Finance
To tell us about your project needs, please send us the executive summary or narrative using the form or contact info below.
General Layout Of A Plastics-to-Liquid Fuel Conversion Facility

Courtesy of EnviroPower Renewable, Inc.; Chantilly, VA.
Waste And Plastics Waste-To-Energy Power Plant

Courtesy of EnviroPower Renewable, Inc.; Chantilly, VA.
Risk Management, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Consulting

Risks are everywhere. There are only a few ways to control or mitigate them: avoidance, prevention, reduction, retainment or, transfer them to an insurance company. ISC can make world-class resources available to you and your company in Risk Management, Property and Casualty Insurances and Consulting. We are also an Independent Agency. We follow an “open-door policy”. One of our major alignments is with the world’s fourth largest Risk Management and Insurance Brokerage company. Through them and various carriers, we can help – from analytics to placement of risks for you and your company nationwide, wherever we are licensed, and in more than 150 countries globally. We can protect your assets and properties in most countries of the world. Professionally, and competitively. We offer conventional and non-conventional risk coverages and the specialties, including hard-to-place, and contingent risk insurance. The latter is intended to mitigate risk exposure to litigation and its accompanying uncertainties. This type coverage is intended to lessen risk further by preventing windfall losses due to litigation.

Ask about this specialty product if your company is involved in litigation or if there is a threat of such involvement by using the form below.

Lawsuit Damages Mitigation
Catastrophic Insurance Coverages
Lloyds Placements
Flood Insurance
Worker’s Compensation
Real Estate
Builders Risk
Artificial Intelligence
Surety Bonds
Cyber Liability
Drone Coverages
Medical Facilities
Power and Utility
Renewable Energy
Medical Marijuana
Property and Casualty
College and University
International Placement
Owners and Developers
Umbrella Excess Liability
Small Business Insurance
Sports and Entertainment
Large Business Insurances
Dog Bites
Excess and Surplus
Employment Practices Liability
Alternative Risk
Insurance Premium Finance
Insurance Wraps
Ocean Marine
We follow an “open-door” policy. If your particular need is not addressed above, please ask us about it.
MBE Certification

We are certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. The company is also Veteran-owned. Ask us about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Project originators may submit resumes at any time. Send to
About Us

George H. Stark
George H. Starke, Jr. is President of ISC. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Morehouse College in Atlanta and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Florida in 2019. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award from UF, as well. His background includes employment for Moody’s Investor Service, Government Contracting for the Greyhound Corporation, liaison with Cargill, Koch and other major companies in product sales to the federal government, and Project Manager for Pepco Energy Services, a subsidiary of the Potomac Electric Power Company, serving DC and parts of Maryland. At Pepco, he was Project Manager for the privatization of large gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities on large military bases. He once owned a coal and oil distributorship, as well as a Member firm of the NASD and SIPC. He has successfully helped fund projects in a range of disciplines.

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